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Learn How To Identify Your Ideal Client In 5 Simple, Easy Steps!

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Did you know that growing your IG or private practice with engaged, high-quality leads starts with having an ideal client? This is why I created a 5-Step to Identifying Your Ideal Client guide to help you with this.

Inside, you'll learn simple (but powerful) exercises that will help you identify your ideal clients' demographics, pains, and dreams. Consider this your first step to finally breaking out of the 9-5 clinical burnout and learning how to successfully start a private practice or create passive income.


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Hi, I'm Libby Rothschild! The founder and CEO of the Dietitian Boss Method™.

Our team has served over 1000 registered dietitians and nutrition students who have learned how to start and grow a successful private practice following my proprietary process.


Here’s why you’ll want to register to get access to this guide:
  • Learn how to work smarter instead of harder. Grow your confidence, create an impact, and make any amount of money you desire as a registered dietitian.
  • Our students have successfully launched their private practice, mastered using social media to attract clients, and have 10k+ months!
  • Join our mission to disrupt the field of dietetics by creating more private practice operators. You can become your own boss and create a business around your goals.